You can make a donation to any of these causes by filling out the form below. 100% of your donation will be spent exclusively on charitable programs. Maiya Publishing does NOT retain anything towards administrative costs etc.

Sneha Nilaya (orphanage): The nuns, who earlier worked with lepers and alcoholics, and at several de-addiction centres, soon observed that several abandoned children were literally falling into their lap. Not having the heart to abandon them, the nuns decided to house these children in the garage while the building was being constructed. Sneha Nilaya now feeds and looks after 90 children currently and are ever expanding.

Mitra Jyothi: Mitra Jyothi has designed a variety of training and support programmes that will assist persons with disability become independent and instill in them the confidence to achieve their goals.

Dream A Dream: Dream a Dream empowers children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and flourish in the 21st century using a creative life skills approach. Currently, we work with 10,000 young people referred from 40 partner NGOs, train over 1200 educators from 30 partners impacting over 100,000 children and young people and sensitize over 2500 volunteers through our unique Life Skills Development model.

TREE – Transform, Reform, Energise the Earth: A NGO in the process of registration is formed by Dipika V Maiya in order to plant 10 (5 fruit + 5 shade-providing) trees in rural schools/orphanages/old age homes etc

TTK Hospital: AA & NA Meetings, Alcoholism Treatment, Detoxification, Drug Addiction Treatment, Family Services, Relapse Prevention, Residential Rehabilitation founded in 1980 with a desire to help rehabilitate patients struggling specifically with addiction to alcohol and drugs. Patients receive the help they need first through detoxification,  and psychological therapy, which consists of both individual and group therapy.

Parikrma Humanity Foundation: Parikrma runs four high quality English medium schools and one college for 1700 street, slum and orphaned children. They believe equal education for the marginalized will transform society.

Donate a Pad: Often a shy topic for organizations to ask a donor, but a much required necessity. Maiya Publishing raises funds to buy Sanitary pads (at wholesale prices) for girls/women in orphanages/blind schools.

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