My Soul Stirring (eBook)



Vishal grew up and lives in Bangalore with his wife, Suchetha and two cats – Mishtu and Molu. As a quiet child, Vishal preferred to stay in his world of dreams, cartoons and comics. He wrote his first poem in 2009 and has since then written whenever an experience has intrigued him, surprised him or left a deep impact on him. Poetry has given Vishal an outlet to explore life’s many complexities, dualities and unanswered questions. It has given him a medium to explore his angst, helplessness, inner conflicts and the many illusions and ironies of life he observes around him.



Book for magical recipes New

Meals Reddy (EBook)


Author : Devika Thukral

Devika has been inspired by her mother in law’s passion for cooking. Warm lingering hospitality through food, day after day, propelled Devika to collate her Mother in law’s age old traditional food recipes as a token of her appreciation, respect and gratitude.

Here is the secret to good living. magical recipes carried down the ages . For you to savour.
Uttama jivana …Manci jivitam.