At Maiya Publishing, we believe in putting all the power in the authors’ hand. Publishing has long been known to consist only of the publisher, agent and the seller.  And the author is usually left behind, until he or she becomes a huge sensation. Until then, the author is at the mercy of agents, if they have one. At Maiya Publishing, we endeavour to empower the author to make their own decision. They get to choose their own path. And also to decide the ultimate outcome of their work. This is the premise on which Maiya Publishing was formed. And  that premise has become the main principle which continues to drive us.
Maiya Publishing offers services to authors who are looking for the right association to publish their exclusive work. Once the manuscript has been handed over to us, we assist in finding editors, photographers, designers, printers etc., based on the author’s preferences. Also, we generate an ISBN number and facilitate online sales transactions on our website. And we co-ordinate tie-ups with and for the sale of books. Additional services include the hosting of books on the Publisher’s website. We also organize book launches on request.