The Lament of the Moon (Digital Version)




The Lament of the Moon

Two weapons of the child to express what it feels. The language spoken to show its innocence, its happiness, its anger, its impatience and many more feelings that are hard to understand but sweet to know.

Childhood days are the golden days of one’s life because of the only reason that the child’s heart is innocent and pure. It knows only to Smile and only to Cry.

It is always being told and believed to be a fact, that the best friend during childhood is the Moon. The best way a mother can find to convince her child is by showing the moon and introducing it as its uncle, it can be while feeding, while making the child sleep. May be for a mother it is a way to escape from the disturbing child and get involved in her daily routine, but for a child the moon is its uncle and it believes so.

The series of poems talks about the relationship between a child and the moon. It talks about the child’s innocence and its pure love and belief towards the moon. It also say how the moon react to the child’s belief and fulfills the promise of keeping the child happy and understanding the language of Smiling and Crying.

The Lament of the Moon

Author: G N Pavan Kumar

Publisher: Maiya Publishing


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