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My Mother, T Krishna Kumari is a delightful book written by Dipika V Maiya on the life and times of her 83-year-old mother Krishna Kumari Khaitan, a famous Telugu actress for three decades from the 60s. The book contains some of the former actresses’ recipes and anecdotes of the family’s food habits and experiments in the kitchen. “We collected about 550 recipes and filtered them down to 300 and then to 30 recipes,” says Dipika. All recipes were tried at least four times using exact measurements of ingredients. “My ammi (mother) never had exact measurements, so it was a painstaking process to come up with proper proportions. When she was an actress, she did not know how to make a cup of tea. Visit  New Indian Express to know more.

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Soulfood from a cine star
The famed actress’ life story told by her daughter has some choicest recipes that marry tradition with kitchen secrets History elicits a response from those who realise its wealth of knowledge. And yester year actress T Krishna Kumari’s daughter Dipika Maiya realised it growing up with her mother, who was once among the biggest names in Telugu cinema.Visit Deccan Chronicle to know more.

Her many roles
There was an era where women were considered only for the role of a Home maker. But Krishna Kumari appeared into many roles in her life. Be it a successful actress, a mother or a cook. Visit  The Hindu to know more.

Through Parted Curtains
My Mother, T Krishna Kumari is a journey of a noted teen actor, who dared to walk away when she had it all. Visit Bangalore Mirror to know more.

Blast From The Past: Devanthakudu (1960)
“Devanthakudu” a love story starring N.T. Ramarao & Krishnakumari is remembered for setting a trend for socio-fantasy films in Telugu industry. Old is Gold so lets take a look at this love story. Visit The Hindu to read full story.

Food For Thought
Maiya a famous name in food industry is now into Publishing to help authors who want to have absolute control over their books. Maiya Publishing was created in 2015 in order to publish Dipika’s mother, Krishna Kumari’s biography cum recipe book.

Smart Wear
Maiya family business runs pure passion for good food. Now apart from food Maiya is in news for T-shirts.Blr_mirror_UltraBeing

Krishna Kumari (actress)
T Krishna Kumari was a leading Telugu actress of 1960s. Krishna Kumari acted in 150 Telugu films, and about 30 Tamil and Kannada films. Her repertoire won heart of fans across Indian states and the President’s Award for her performance. Visit Wikipedia to know more.

Capturing the journey
Journey of T Krishna Kumari reveals the voyage of a teen actor, who was incidentally spotted by a producer at a cinema hall and became one of the prominent stars of Tollywood industry.  Click here to know more.

Changing roles with the years
T Krishna Kumari not only being a versatile actress in telugu industry, also her successful story as mother, wife, provider of the family inspired her daughter Dipika Maiya to write biography “My Mother, T Krishna Kumari”. Visit  The Hindu to know more.

Krishna Kumari
Krishna Kumari is a Classic Indian Actress well known for embodiment of beauty. Her fans compare her with beauty of sculptures and picture perfect facial features.  Click here to know more.

Krishna Kumari Remember ANR
Krishna Kumari expresses her experience with Akkinneni Nageswara Rao (ANR) as a memorable days of life. Visit  TOI to read more.

Book Released On Tollywood Actress Krishna Kumari
Biography of T Krishna Kumari outlines her successful story in Tollywood industry. Also explains how she’s leading her life in Bangalore after cine retirement.  Click here to know more about bio.

History of Krishna Kumari
Krishna Kumari was a leading actress in Telugu industry. She was also featured actress in Tamil and Kannada.  Click here to know more.

Book on Actress Krishna Kumari
Life story of veteran actress Krishna Kumari has been revealed. It explains her journey from silver screen to life at a farm house in Bangalore after her retirement.  Read more

Biography of Krishna Kumari
The life history of an Actress Krishna Kumari divulged to the audience.  Click here to know more.

The Unknown Side Of Veteran Actress, Krishna Kumari
Dipika Maiya daughter of Krishna Kumari unveils the secrets and persona of her mother in the book “My Mother, T Krishna Kumari”.  Know more

Hidden Side Of Actress Krishna Kumari
Know about the hidden side of veteran telugu actress Krishna Kumari. Visit Indian Express to read more.

Dishing Out Recipes
Apart from being a versatile actress, Krishna Kumari is well known for her culinary traits.Visit  Deccan Herald to know more.

Photo Gallery Of Krishna Kumari
“My Mother, T Krishna Kumari” biography is a perfect tribute by Dipika Maiya to her mother, actress Krishna Kumari.  See Full Bio.

Lifestory Of Krishna Kumari Captured In A Book – By Her Daughter
Dipika brings to life the woman who she knows as a mother. Actress T Krishna Kumari’s glamorous and family life captured in book by her daughter. Visit  American Bazaar to know more.


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