Cast your vote, buy a discounted book

Dear folks of Bangalore,

A lot of fuss is being made about April 18 and Bangalore going to the polls for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 – The Great Indian General Election is here. And rightly so. It’s our sole opportunity as Indians to exercise our franchise.

But casting your vote need not be, and is not, any tedious process.

Think of it this way. All it takes is 20 minutes of your time, end to end, to make a difference; to exercise your right to democracy. It really takes less time than your morning walk or time at the gym. That’s the amount of time we will spend surfing Netflix everyday, or to scroll down Whatsapp jokes or Facebook posts.

Hope you have not booked yourself on a holiday out of town, if yes, re-consider it; or modify your holiday departure so that you can vote and then leave.

Hopefully by now you have ensured you are on the voter’s list. So get out of home, go the voting booth and cast your ballot. Which is not asking much of ourselves, isn’t it? Considering we all love to discuss problems in our country, our politicians and politics, and criticise our “system”.

Yes, in return you can show off your inked finger on all your social media accounts, and show yourself a proud Indian.

We at Maiya Publishing also have a very legitimate and happy incentive to offer you if you cast your vote. Put up a photograph on our social media pages and you will be eligible for a 10 per cent discount on The Service book on our website on April 18, 2019. 

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Here’s a book from Maiya Publishing that fits the mood of the election day.

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The book is not just a ‘must read’ for administrative service aspirants, but for anybody who is keen to understand the intricacies of the bureaucratic process. The book is also recommended for professionals in the field of logistics, human resource development, IT and marketing. “The Service”, through case studies of large scale enterprises, provides insights and solutions into issues that several organisations face.


Quick tips to ensure you cast your precious vote:

*Log on to to check your name on the electoral roll. You could also check on or on the site

*It’s always easier to search on this website if you have your Voter ID card with your EPIC number on it

*From the above site you can even know which is your polling booth and also print your voter information slip.

*Do not panic if you can’t find your name registered online. You will find the list at the booth to check your name.

*Carry your EPIC card or any other form of photo identification

*Get out of home early to avoid queues. Polling begins at 7 a.m. and is usually on at most booths till 6 pm.

*For information on candidates from your constituency on websites like OR



Written by Bhumika Kulkarni –