Books published by Maiya Publishing focuses primarily on aspiring writers. Those who dream to hold their published book in their hands. One of the common problems faced by writers is Eye fatigue; most frequent in the most cases, errors glaringly visible to one may not be visible to the writer. It’s hard for a writer to focus on editing, cover design, printer proofs/drafts, distribution, marketing, PR etc. unless he has an keen eye/experience for the same. We aim to take the burden off from the Author’s shoulders and offer a one-stop-solution. Since we are a virtual publishing house, we offer services globally. Submitting 50 word.doc pages or 5 chapters via email help us analyse and come up with the best plan to benefit the writer and his future books. We have our team of designers, established editors, world renown photographers to handle any genre that comes our way.

We let the author do what he is best at – Write.

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