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Reading Beyond The Lines (Print)


Author : Liyla S

In a mind bending journey through the many planes we humans exist in, Liyla’s life changes as she encounters people who help reach across the veil of life and connect her to her son. This event opens a door in her life through which she discovers the meaning of life and beyond. Her studies ranging from contemporary Western sciences to ancient Indian wisdom lead her to understanding what it means to live, and our purpose on this planet along with a clear realization that the universe is just energy.

This book will take you on a journey that answers many questions that have plagued humanity. What exactly is the mind? What is Consciousness? What is destiny? And the biggest one of all– What happens after our physical forms pass from this life? Liyla looks at these questions with a scientific lens, hoping to bridge the gaps between science and spirituality — for each one of us looks for answers for these same questions within this cosmos.
Life as ‘multi dimensioned existence’ is easy to comprehend if we realize that we live in subtle as well as well as physical planes. This book gives a clear explanation of this phenomenon as well as how Consciousness percolates from the highest level down to the physical plane. Death is a ‘change of planes’ in the continuity of existence. Spirituality is unbounded freedom and healing is possible by harnessing the energy of the universe. These are some of the other takeaways from the book.